• T&Cs



    The price ranges shown give the least - and the most - you can expect to pay. The longer and thicker your hair, the more time (and product) needed. We can only give an accurate quote once we’ve seen your hair - ideally in person, but by video if necessary, showing the length.


    SKIN/SENSITIVITY TO COLOUR - we might need to do a skin/sensitivity test about 24 hours before colour services.


    PRICES - prices shown are the minimum/maximum price you will pay, before any loyalty or other discounts. If the services you have booked need more time or materials, we will quote you before we start work.


    TIMINGS - the time shown for each service is a rough guide only. To work out the time you need with us simply add together the times shown for the services you want - or just give us a call, 0208 674 5403/2064. We try to stick to advertised times as far as possible, but sometimes we can't help running late. We will always tell you about any delays, and give an idea as to when we think we'll be able to finish.


    COVID-19 - we do accept cash, but in line with government guidelines, we prefer payments by card if possible - we take everything except Amex and Diners.


    PROMOTIONS - only one promotion/discount can be used at any one time. Please show codes/coupons when paying.