• Streatham low traffic neighbourhood

    Introduced in August last year, the Streatham Hill LTN has been causing some controversy on the Streatham Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Arguments in favour? Lower emissions, particularly in what - in Streatham Hill - is very much a residential neighbourhood. Arguments against? Road closures are causing some horrendous back-ups, creating havoc at peak times. The original plans, and all background, can be found on the @Lambeth_Council site, here.

    For? The Clean Air for Streatham Hill Twitter account is probably the most high-profile, at @StreathHillLTN. You'll find an Instagram account strongly in favour here.

    Against? The change.org petition against the Streatham Hill LTN is here. The @StreathamHillL1 Twitter account provides regular updates on problems encountered so far.      



    Following reports of allergic reactions in clients who have had COVID-19, the National Hair and Beauty Federation is recommending that anyone booked for a skin-contact colour service should be re-tested at least 24 hours before an appointment.


    A 'skin-contact' service is one where the colour comes into contact with your scalp. Which means, essentially - full-head tints. Balayage, ombre and highlights do not involve any skin contact, so you won't need to be tested again.


    If you're planning to fix lock-down roots and need full-head colour we'll book you in for a new patch test at least 24 hours in advance - or simply book your new test online now.

    Want to book a colour and a cut?

    We know online booking isn't always as straightforward as it could be. And it can sometimes be a bit tricking booking a colour service plus a cut exactly when you want them.

    Click the button below, make sure you give us a contact number and we'll juggle things around, fit you in and call you back.