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The Streatham Hill LTN

Introduced in August last year, the Streatham Hill LTN has been causing some controversy on the Streatham Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Arguments in favour? Lower emissions, particularly in what - in Streatham Hill - is very much a residential neighbourhood. Arguments against? Road closures are causing some horrendous back-ups, creating havoc at peak times. The original plans, and all background, can be found on the @Lambeth_Council site, here.

For? The Clean Air for Streatham Hill Twitter account is probably the most high-profile, at @StreathHillLTN. You'll find an Instagram account strongly in favour here.

Against? The petition against the Streatham Hill LTN is here. The @StreathamHillL1 Twitter account provides regular updates on problems encountered so far.

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