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Streatham Hill LTN - updates

Any Streatham hair salon, presumably, is hearing the pros and cons of Streatham LTN's at the moment - either the nascent Streatham Hill LTN, or the proposed LTNs for Streatham Wells, Tulse Hill etc. As a Streatham Hill hairdressers right bang in the middle of the proposed LTN, we hear arguments for and against almost every day.

And it's honestly impossible to take a view. Pollution needs to be better managed, certainly - particularly around schools. But there's no arguing with the jams and hold-ups the new scheme is causing.

If you want your say then Lambeth Council's 'commonplace' site is probably the best source for keeping tabs on what's happening: as you'll see, there's another Q&A session with Lambeth Council on Monday 19 July 21, 18:00- 19:00. All info here.

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