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Booked in for a colour?

You might need to be skin-tested again

· Streatham,hair colour,COVID-19

Following reports of allergic reactions in clients who have had COVID-19, the National Hair and Beauty Federation is recommending that anyone booked for a skin-contact colour service should be re-tested at least 24 hours before an appointment.

A 'skin-contact' service is one where the colour comes into contact with your scalp. Which means, essentially - full-head tints. Balayage, ombre and highlights do not involve any skin contact, so you won't need to be tested again.

We will be contacting all clients who have booked in for skin-contact colour services so far. If you're planning to fix lock-down roots and need full-head colour we'll book you in for a new patch test at least 24 hours in advance - or simply book your new test online now.

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